Barrel Tuners
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     Barrel tuners are used in the Rimfire world to tune a rifle to a specific lot of amo.  Centerfire shooters can change the parameters of there loaded rounds to accomplish this, but the Rimfire shooters are at the mercy of the amo manufacturers.  By moving the tuners movable ring in or out a "sweet spot" can be found that the rifle with that lot number amo will shoot the smallest groups possible.  This "sweet spot" can and will change with different lots, temperature, humidity, etc.  Some rifles will need the tuner turned slightly from day to day while others will never need the tuner changed.  Below are the two styles of tuners that I offer.


The tuners on the left are the "bloop" style tuners.  This tuner is 5" long on fits up onto the barrel 1", therefore you will shoot through a 4" bloop tube.  The tuner on the right is a flush mount tuner.  This tuner is 2.5" long and fits flush with the end of the barrel allowing access to the crown for cleaning.  The movable weight on the bloop tuner is out beyond the end of the barrel which allows it to be more effective, ie. a pendulum effect, but the tube needs to cleaned often.  Both tuners have an aluminum base that has a split collar with two screws that squeeze the base around the barrel.  The movable ring is stainless steel.  Both pieces are index marked for repeatability.  Normal weights are 12 oz. for the bloop and 10 oz. for the flush tuner.  Tuners of different weights can be manufactured as needed.